Support those who support the show!

We wanted to also give a great big shout-out to those supporting the show!

Our online friends include OneBookShelf, owner of such great gamer sites as and and, sponsor of local publisher Neo Productions Unlimited at the show this year! Show up and earn a chance to win some gift certificates to these great sites, maybe get yourself a copy of some of the neat stuff Nate at Neo is putting out or find some other awesome gamer gear; its all over the sites!

Locally, we need to give a big shout-out to our vendors: Backstage Hobbies & Games, Neo Productions Unlimited, Freedom Martial Arts, and BowenDragon1! Ramada Inn & Convention Center, our host, without whom this would be FAR more difficult! and their great stuff for the support and promotion of this event!

And lastly, but certainly not least, we want to offer a huge thanks to our guests this year, Bradley K. McDevitt and Jenn Rush! We’re looking forward to a great show! Shop these great folks at the event and even well after and support those supporting ColdCon!

Events Registration Update

We’ve experienced some technical difficulties with the registration software. Until we can work some of those out, we’ve opened up the registration to a more public view but it will require some extra hoops.

- First, to register for the show, you MUST purchase a ticket for the “ColdCon 2013″ event; if you wish to attend both days, purchase two tickets. You CAN purchase multiple tickets to the show, but we prefer that you purchase tickets for one person per account.

- After registering for the show, you are good to go to register for any other events you wish! We’re working on getting open events entered into the system now while the pay-to-play tournaments are registered now. Events with an entry fee

Board Game Extravaganza!

Saturday 1/19/13 ONLY

Come join local gaming enthusiast Aaron DeKuiper, who will be running a table of strategy board games all day long!  Comment here or email to to save a seat, or just stop by the table and join in.

9:30am Dominion- room for 6 total (Deckbuilding card game, similar to Ascension)

11:00am Battlestar Galactica- room for 6 total (Semi-cooperative game of deception and betrayal)

3:00pm Seven Wonders- Room for 7 total (Quick-playing game of empire building and trade)

5:00pm Agricola- Room for 5 total (Worker placement game, awesome strategic choices with an agricultural backdrop)


Show up to ColdCon, WIN COOL STUFF!

Just a heads up everyone; more confirmations rolling in daily as we get down to the wire!

We have confirmation now that we will have, as always, REALLY COOL DOOR PRIZES! Gamestop of Ludington is donating a slew of awesome gamer gear, including t-shirts, guides, and promotional material for this years prize packages. AND, for the first time and for those more interested in tabletop gaming, One Bookshelf (OBS), owners of geek sites,,,, is contributing $50 worth of gift certificates to the show! Get some great stuff featuring local game designer Nate Petersen, our artist guest of honor Bradley K. McDevitt, or snap up some of your favorites from great publishers the world over!

Also Joining Us: Artist Bradley K. McDevitt!

An exciting day for ColdCon!

We have also confirmed the presence of classic gaming artist Bradley K. McDevitt! Responsible for works all over gaming including pieces for Wizards of the Coast, TSR, Dungeon & Dragon magazines, AEG, and many others throughout the industry! Today, Brad’s work can be found in Goodman Game’s Dungeon Crawl Classics line and supporting many independent press companies!

Check out his work online at and come out to ColdCon 2013 to meet Brad & his wife Jess, pick up some prints, and see all of his cool work!


Exciting news: local author Jenn Rush to be at ColdCon 2013!

Exactly as the title says!

We’re stoked to announce that today we have confirmed the presence of Ms Jenn Rush at ColdCon 2013! Ms Rush will be showcasing her brand new release “Altered” which goes on sale January 2nd! Check out this exciting young adult novel, pick up a signed copy, and check out previews of her upcoming releases at ColdCon January 19th & 20th!

For more information about Jenn Rush and her works, including a sneak peek at “Altered”, check out for more information!

Show Registration and Event Registration Now Open!

That’s right folks! Show registration and event registration are now open!

Here’s a quick primer:
- Registering on the site will keep you up to speed on all the news and updates for the show!
- To access show details, events, etc. you must purchase a ticket through the site: do this through the Register link up top. Select your ticket of choice and you’re good to go! This prepurchase allows you to register for events as they go live on the site, giving you first crack at some great gaming opportunities!

We’re still working on adding the show’s events to the database and getting Game Masters scheduled, so keep an eye open for those details to come. If you have ANY questions feel free to drop a line to!